Since the current coronavirus crisis may increase the risk of domestic violence, Federal Minister Franziska Giffey launched the “Not Safe at Home?” (Zuhause nicht sicher?) campaign with the support of Germany’s large food retailers ALDI Nord, ALDI Süd, EDEKA, Lidl, Netto Marken-Discount, Penny, real and REWE.


Because home is not a safe place for all – Poster campaign against domestic violence with food retailers

Many people are seriously affected by the restrictions during the coronavirus crisis. Fears, worries, conflicts and the potential for stress escalate, which might lead to an increased risk of domestic violence. For some people, their own home is not a safe place anymore. In this situation, it is vital to find new ways of supporting those who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence.

This is why, on 29 April 2020, Federal Minister Franziska Giffey launched the nationwide campaign “Not Safe at Home?” (Zuhause nicht sicher?) together with Germany’s large food retailers ALDI Nord, ALDI Süd, EDEKA, Lidl, Netto Marken-Discount, Penny, real and REWE.

Several thousand supermarkets throughout Germany sent a clear sign: Together we are #StrongerthanViolence!

Thousands of supermarkets followed the initiative’s call and took part in the nationwide campaign against domestic violence. Their staff showed a great deal of commitment. They put up awareness-raising posters at central points in the markets and supplied the important information in newsletters as well as on websites, till receipts and products. Their common goal: helping those affected to find ways out of violence and encouraging their families, friends and neighbours to stand up for them.

Many municipalities, equal opportunities officers and associations from all over Germany also participated in the “Not Safe at Home?” campaign. Everyone can do their part and actively stand up against violence. For any company, administration, organisation or private individual also interested in joining the “Not Safe at Home?” campaign, templates of the poster (in German) in different formats as well as an information leaflet with everything one needs to know about “Stronger than Violence” (in German) are directly available for download.

Together we are stronger than violence