Eko Fresh & "Stronger than Violence"


Not everyone’s home is a safe place, this is why German rapper Eko Fresh supports the initiative “Stronger than Violence”  with his new single “Stärker als Gewalt” [engl. Stronger than Violence].

Because violence concerns us all Eko Fresh’s video production for his song was supported by many German celebrities who are lip syncing the song lyrics in the video.

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Eko Fresh

Together we are #StrongerthanViolence

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Each and every individual can actively campaign against violence and raise awareness for the website www.stärker-als-gewalt.de with information, tips and nationwide support and counselling services. Because: Together we are #StrongerThanViolence.


Video: Can Özev

Camera Operator, Cut: Can Özev

Camera Operator: Robin Beyer

Lighting: Robin Beyer

Cover Design: Can Özev